Weightloss is all in your mind!

The Word Should-Should be taken out of your vocabulary for GOOD! I don’t know how many times a day I hear the word “should” usually prefaced with I. Hearing it today made me cringe. Unfortunately we don’t even realize we are using self defeating behavior when we use this word. We are telling ourselves that we know we are supposed to do something but we aren’t going to because we have an excuse not to. Yep, self defeating at its finest. I should go for a walk, I should not eat this…and the list goes on. We have to replace the word…should or could…with will. I will go for an hour walk today. I will eat the right foods for my body. Garbage in garbage out. Here are some tips to keep your mind garbage free-

1. Give yourself affirmations- tell yourself all day long you deserve the best and so does your body. Remind yourself why you want to lose weight or feel better and keep giving yourself nice notes or smiles in the mirror because you deserve the best!

2. Stay away from negative people. Negative talk and negative energy sucks the life out of you and is so much work to keep up with. Steer clear. The law of attraction is that whatever you put out in the universe will come back to you…10 fold!

3. Pack and eat healthy foods. You can find unhealthy food at the farmers market too, so just because it’s there doesn’t mean it is good for you.  Your body will thank you later when it is not tired, lethargic or bloated!


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