Colon Hydrotherapy

Colon Hydro-Therapy
Colonics are simply a gentle infusion of purified water placed in and out of the colon to hydrate and cleanse the body of toxins and stagnated waste.

This procedure uses no drugs or chemicals to dispose of food preservatives and intestinal bacteria while increasing the colon’s tone, peristalsis and nutrient absorption.

Packages & Scheduling

Therapy Sessions

$90.00 Per Single Visit


$85.00 ~ Per Visit for 3 Colonics
$80.00 ~ Per Visit for 6 Colonics
$75.00 ~ Per Visit for 10 or More Colonics

* Packages must be paid for in full at the time of visit and used within one year. Packages are non-refundable.

Payment ~ We accept cash, credit card or checks only.

Cancellation Policy

We request a 24 hour notice for canceled appointments.


Schedule or reschedule by calling (269) 420-0353

Colon Hydrotherapy FAQ


Is it safe?

Colon Hydro-therapy otherwise known as a ‘Colonic’ or ‘High Enema’  is a safe, gentle infusion of water into the large intestine, AKA colon. No chemicals are involved, just purified water- one of natures most loved elements. We use 98 degree water the temperature of your body to remove waste and other toxins from your body (the colon is your septic tank).

Modern state-of-the-art gravity flow colonic irrigation employ’s multistage water purification systems, individual disposable speculums which eliminate any possible contamination to the client from a previous treatment and a clear viewing system. These are closed systems…allowing waste to be discretely transported into the drain line without offensive odor and without comprising the dignity of the individual. After each therapy session, the unit is thoroughly cleansed and disinfected in preparation for future use.

How many treatments should I have?

The number of sessions depends on your body and what it needs. You know your body better than anyone! Listen to it and pay attention to it’s complaints. Remember your body didn’t get the way it is overnight, it isn’t going to change overnight. Even if you have no specific complaints, a single colon hydrotherapy treatment will not be enough. Often six to ten cleansing treatments are necessary to clean out years of waste material that has built up in the body. The ideal amount in the beginning is at least two per week and the least amount at least one per week in the beginning. Once you have had a few colonic sessions your body will know when it needs another.

What is the difference between an enema and colon hydrotherapy?

With an enema the water only reaches the first foot of the colon-the sigmoid area, therefore it does not reach the entire large intestine. Your colon is 4-6 feet in length. With hydrotherapy, the water is dispersed along the entire length of the colon making the cleansing process more through.

Is it necessary to modify ones food intake during the colon hydrotherapy treatments?

It is suggested that you do not consume food 1-2 hours prior to your session. Since your digestive system starts working the minute you ingest food it is ideal that you dont have it working while we are cleansing. You want to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during your session and food may cause a spike in insulin as well as other things. The therapy is used to cleanse the body. It is NOT recommended to eat animal protein, such as meat and diary products after a session. Steaming your vegetables is also recommended to help with the breakdown of enzymes that these foods produce. Homemade soup is a good choice but so is a fruit smoothie made with almond milk! Be sure and drink lots of water to help the detox process.

During the intake discussion the eating habits can be discussed more in detail.

Will I lose weight with colon hydrotherapy?

During the intake discussion, eating rituals can be discussed in detail. Also, during the colon cleansing period you will be provided with customized eating advice, adapted to your personality, if this is preferred. We also refer directly to certified nutritionists and personal trainers, if requested. Colon Therapy is not the be all-do all of good health, it is just one part of your journey toward optimum living and we can help you get there. If you follow the suggestions of your therapist, it will help you lose those extra kilos!

Will my intestinal flora be disrupted?

The largest portion of the intestinal flora is attached to the colonic wall and will not let go very easily. During the session purified water is used. This keeps the intestinal flora in balance as it was prior to the treatments. Often the intestinal flora becomes disrupted, however, and it is therefore wise to use a product to bring the intestinal flora back in balance during or immediately after the colon hydrotherapy. We can suggest ways to improve the friendly bacteria in your gut that may lead you to better digestive health.

What are the side effects of colon hydrotherapy?

Colon hydrotherapy affects everyone differently. We ask that you follow our suggestions before and after the session. This minimizes the chance of any side effects. After the treatment you may experience some fatigue or even a headache during the course of the day. This means the body is actively cleansing itself. Remember to drink your water and take it easy during your detox period.

Will the small intestine also be cleansed?

During a colon hydrotherapy treatment only the colon (large intestine) will be cleansed. At the beginning of the colon there is a valve that stops any flow of water between the colon and the small intestine.

Is the treatment painful?

During the treatment the colon is filled with water. Once it fills up the colon will want to get rid of this water. The peristalsis of the colon is stimulated. You will start to feel some pressure in your stomach. This feeling will be experienced differently by each individual. It is not pain but it may be slightly uncomfortable.

Can I go to work after a colon hydrotherapy treatment?

For the most part you do not have to disrupt your daily routine. You can, in principle, go back to work normally, exercise, etc. Body cleanses are intended to remove waste products that can cause temporary fatigue. Colon hydrotherapy is a form of cleansing. It is recommended to create space and time for your self when you schedule your appointment.